Sarah Hum

UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Sarah Hum

Sarah Hum

UI/UX Designer / Front-end Developer

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Milk is a anything-you-need subscription service that allows you to subscribe to products and manage your deliveries all in one place.

Milk was born at Startup Weekend Toronto, snagging 3rd place.
Milk Webpage Milk Item Hover

Hovering enables subscription frequency options.

Milk Kart

Add items to your Milk-Kart. Hahaha, get it?

Milk Kart

Subscriptions are confirmed and managed through a calendar interface.


Tempo is a menu-bar application that automates time-tracking and makes invoicing easier for freelancers and small businesses.

Sync Option 1
Sync Option 2
Sync Option 3

Sync a project with Tempo and don't worry about it until you're ready to make an invoice.

Project View

Files are automatically tracked while they are active, based on the structure of your project folders.

Invoice View

Invoices are created based on the tracked time and can be emailed directly to the client.

Check out the Tempo website


Digifest is an annual digital media festival held in Toronto that celebrates digital creativity. After exploring a few design directions, I applied the following graphic language to a series of products.

Digifest Poster


Digifest Program


Digifest Poster

Like all the festival elements, these tickets was also made bilingual.

Digifest Webpage Digifest iPhone


There is a gap of opportunity created by online and offline retail.
This is a work in progress.

Item View
Checkout Step 1
Checkout Step 2
Checkout Step 3

Et Cetera

This is a collection of other creations I thought you'd enjoy.
Like these doodles I did for 366 days.

366 Doodles
366 Doodles
Photoshop Baby
Bee's Knees
White Rabbit

At the end of them all, I used my favourites to make business cards.

Business Cards

These are a couple infographics.

Data Consumption Infographic

I tracked my data usage over two weeks to prove my innocence in being a data hog.

Nintendo Infographic

I also like to make personalized greeting cards.

Christmas Cards
Santa Card
Birthday Cards

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